The Youree team is proud to offer you two solutions: a smart home charging app for your electric car, and a comprehensive platform for businesses. We look forward to helping you enjoy all the benefits of electric mobility. This FAQ has been designed to provide you with general information about our company and our solutions for businesses and consumers. If you would like answers to specific questions about any of our solutions, please press the dedicated button.

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Here are some general questions about our platform:

Who is Youree?

Youree is much more than just a platform. We are pioneers in the field of smart charging and battery management for electric vehicles, offering solutions for both consumers and businesses. Our mission is to revolutionize the automotive industry by balancing the electrical grid and promoting the use of clean energy.

Founded in 2020 in France, Youree quickly became a start-up recognized by La French Tech for its exceptional potential.

At Youree, we offer a range of solutions tailored to your needs:

  • For electric vehicle owners, our smart charging app simplifies your experience, allowing you to optimize your charging sessions and control your costs.
  • For companies managing a fleet of electric vehicles, we offer a dedicated platform that enables you to better control and optimize your electric fleet.

No matter your situation, Youree is here to support you towards efficient and sustainable electric mobility.

How can Youree optimize electric vehicle charging?

Youree has been specially designed to make charging your electric vehicle more convenient and environmentally friendly. Our platform allows you to charge your vehicle at the best time for the grid, while taking into account your preferences and needs. Simply plug in your vehicle and Youree takes care of the rest!

What benefits does Youree offer for businesses?

For fleet managers, Youree enables you to monitor each electric vehicle, report the fleet's CO2 impact and compare it with combustion vehicles. You can also assign vehicles to different employees and track battery charge status in real time. New features are added regularly to enhance your experience.

To find out more, please visit our dedicated page for Businesses.

What benefits does Youree offer for EV drivers ?

With Youree, you can optimize and control the costs of your home recharges, reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the integration of renewable energies. You'll also soon be able to benefit from reimbursements for your recharges thanks to electricity flexibility events.

To find out more, please visit our page dedicated to private customers.

What makes and models of electric cars are supported by Youree?

Currently, Youree supports 12 brands of electric cars: Tesla, Volkswagen, Audi, Renault, BMW, Jaguar, Volvo, Porche, Mini, Seat, Škoda and Cupra. Among these brands, we support more than 60 electric car models. Find the list by clicking here.

If you don't see your brand listed above, don't worry. We're working hard to expand the list to include new brands and models. Follow us on social networks to find all our news and not miss a thing.

And psssst: in the next version of the application, it will be possible to use the basic features even if your car is not yet supported by our platform.


What is smart charging?

Smart charging allows you to charge your vehicle in a scheduled and economical way while avoiding overloading the electrical grid. This makes the electrical network safer and allows you to better control your energy consumption.

Smart charging has several advantages:
- It adapts charging according to the quality of the electrical network to avoid overloads;
- It allows you to save energy and money while respecting the charging needs of your vehicle;
- Then, to actively participate in the energy transition by facilitating the integration of renewable energies.
By using Youree, you help to balance the electrical network and accelerate the energy transition.

FAQ for Businesses

Why is Youree an ecological solution?

Youree is proud to contribute to the ecological transition by offering an innovative solution to help electric car owners and fleet managers reduce their carbon footprint and save and save money.

With Youree we want to facilitate the integration of renewable energies into the French energy mix. By compensating for the intermittency of wind and photovoltaic farms with our smart charging solution (and soon electrical flexibility and storage), we are helping to increase the share of renewable energies in the electricity grid without having to resort to thermal power plants. By limiting CO2 emissions, we are actively contributing to the fight against climate change.

Who are the shareholders of Youree?

The company's actions Youree are shared between individual investors and VCs and investment funds such as BPI France. However, Youree remains owned majority by the co-founders of the company, Amer ATTAR, Khalil BOURGUIBA andby the co-founders of the company, Amer ATTAR, Khalil BOURGUIBA and Edem YIGAN.

What languages does the application support?

The application Youree is available in French and English. But with the growth of the number of users we plan to add other languages. Do not hesitate to tell us your needs by contacting our team at

Is my personal data well protected?

All your data is encrypted in our database and is not shared with any third party.

We collect your name and email address to establish your account. We ask for your consent to connect to your electric vehicle in order to obtain the information necessary to manage your recharges. This information (primarily your battery status) is collected solely for the purpose of performing the smart charging feature.

We also ask you for some information about your energy provider via your ENEDIS account in order to determine the best time and cost to charge your EV. Then we collect your charging preferences to ensure that your vehicle is charged according to your defined needs.

In any case, all this information is encrypted by the Youree platform and is never shared.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email us at support@youree.ioand we will be happy to respond.

How to contact the Youree team?

Do you have a question, a comment, or a suggestion? Our team is always at your service. You can reach us by e-mail at, or on Whatsapp, or on Facebook Messenger. Don't hesitate to drop us a line - we're always happy to hear from you!