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Reduce your carbon footprint and manage your charging costs

Youree is a free smart home charging app for electric vehicles. Our platform helps you reduce your carbon footprint while saving money on your electric bills.

Discover YoureeDiscover Youree

Edem, founder of Youree on BFM Business.

How can electric vehicle owners help reduce our carbon footprint?


Control your energy consumption

La recharge intelligente ou le "smart charging" en anglais permet d'adapter la recharge de votre voiture électrique en fonction de la qualité du réseau électrique en évitant les surcharges et les pics de consommation. Ce système sécurise le réseau électrique et garantit une maîtrise de votre consommation d'énergie.

Save money

Charging at home during off-peak hours saves you money on your electricity bills and avoids overloading the power grid.

Stay in control

Youree runs customized charging programs based on your preferences and mobility needs.

Protect the planet

Smart charging allows for easier integration of renewable and decarbonized energy.

User reviews

Your feedback is important to us

"Superb application for correctly managing the charge of my CUPRA Formentor. Much simpler and more autonomous than the manufacturer's application.


"Impossible to use the Renault app with my Zoe, so this replaces it very well. It's easy to use and recharges up to a set threshold.

AppStoreWorks well

"Overall very happy with this app, much more efficient than my MySkoda manufacturer app. Congratulations to the Youree team.

Google PlayVery happy


Recharge your electric vehicle intelligently


Access your dashboard with all the data related to the charging of your electric vehicle.


From the app, track the carbon footprint of each recharge of your electric vehicle.


Track the real cost of each recharge and save on your electricity bills.


Access all your smart charging events with detailed cost and energy data.


Check the charging of your electric vehicle

Consult the list of modelsConsult the list of models


Optimizing your expenses has never been easier


Download the application

Find the FREE Youree app on Apple Store and Google Play.

Connect your electric vehicle

You will need your manufacturer's account details to connect your car to Youree.

Start charging smart

Fill in your charging preferences and your energy provider's information and start saving money.


You have some questions ?

How can Youree help me?

Youree is a smart home charging app designed to help electric vehicle owners participate in thebalance of the electric grid while discovering the true cost of home charging and their CO2 footprint associated with charging.

Just plug in your car, Youree will take care of the charging at the right time and according to your needs. We will inform you through our notifications of everything that happens.

Is it free to use Youree?

Yes, it's totally free! Smart charging with Youree is a coordinated and concerted effort to reduce our costs and participate in the balance of the electrical grid. And this virtuous behavior should in our opinion be rewarded and not paid for by the users.

How to use the Youree smart charging application?

You will need your OEM account information (your account ID and password from your vehicle manufacturer) to allow us to access your vehicle information. That's it. We'll do the rest. 

Youree uses default values for your preferences and electricity contract. We encourage you to enter your mobility needs and electricity contract rates so that Youree can run charging programs based on your preferences and accurately determine the cost of your charges.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us at

Will my car be fully charged with Youree?

Yes, as soon as you connect your car to your charging socket at home, Youree immediately checks the current level of your battery in order toexecute a proper charging program

Based on your preferences, Youree will be create a customised schedule to meet your preferences of battery level and ready time. Youree take into consideration the energy information provided (peak/off-peak) and Co2 footprint of power production.

So, are you ready to make an impact?

Join our movement and let's build together a decarbonized future