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Unlock the power of CO2 reduction for real.

Manage and optimize your EV fleet with Youree. Enjoy intelligent battery management, control charging costs, reduce your carbon footprint, all with real-time data. No hardware required.

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We're working on integrating all the major car brands and home charging stations.

Key points

Youree offers a comprehensive approach to reducing costs, minimizing carbon footprints and improving operational efficiency.

Use accurate data to optimize costs and carbon footprint

Analyze charging costs and carbon footprint in real time thanks to data collection at time data collection from your vehicles.

Intelligentrecharging for optimum battery health

Optimize recharging strategies and monitor the condition of your batteries to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your electric fleet.

A platform for managers of fleet and employees

Youree offers a web applicationfor fleetmanagers, and a mobile application for employees. Youree empowers everyone involved.

Key features

Maximize the efficiency of your electric fleet.

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Monitor your fleet for recharging at home, on the road or on site.
  • Monitor costs and consumption to optimize spending
  • Charge level control to guarantee vehicle availability
  • Global vision of performance with data directly from the vehicle.
Turn your data into actionable information with Youree.
  • Route performance evaluation
  • Monitoring charging station occupancy
  • Clear insights to improve management, extend battery life and optimize TCO


Assert your commitment to a greener future with detailed data.
  • Precise carbon footprint tracking for each vehicle and employee
  • ESG compliance made easy with reliable data
  • Customize KPIs for targeted analysis and personalized reporting.

Benefits of Youree

Take control of your electric fleet today and drive towards a greener future with Youree


Other Solutions  With Youree 
✗ Estimated data ✔ Precise real-time data
✗ No measures, no optimization ✔ Proactive measurement and optimization
✗ Need for equipment and infrastructure ✔ Software, data directly from the vehicle
✗ Refill refund fraud risk ✔ Smooth repayments thanks to accurate reporting
✗ Limited carbon accounting  ✔ Carbon accounting for each vehicle and employee
✗ Incomplete CSR approach ✔ CSR approach valued
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You have some questions ?

What are the implementation and integration processes?

It is very easy to Implement Youree Business for enterprise and fleets. Youree business is a SaaS (software as a Service) platform and we provide the platform to our customers and then they (or in some instances we can assist to) enroll each vehicle into the platform. Each user or employee will have a mobile app (Youree App) to allow them to see and interact with the platform to setup up their home information on the platform. So the mobile app collect data from the user’s home charging perspective and the platform gathers all the data and report to the fleet manager on each specific vehicle. Integration to other system such as ERP, accounting systems, billing system can be done on a case-by-case basis and Youree team have the expertise necessary for such projects.

What kind of support is available for the implementation of Youree?

We are here to support our customers all the way. We won’t leave our customers to figure things out. There will be a training sessions provided as part of the implementation to get the customer’s staff familiar with the platform and we will continue to support our customers with the necessary expertise to grow with us as we expand and introduce additional features to the platform.

How does Youree affect the charging time of my fleet?

Youree business currently will take your requirements when to charge and execute those requirements. As we introduce more features, the platform will grow in its functionality and provide recommendation based on the continuous changes in energy pricing and the demand to the grid. Any new features and functionality will be introduced to all our customers and we will work with our customers to accommodate new features requests.

How does Youree ensure data security and privacy ?

Security is in the core of our architecture. Each customer fleet is totally separated from other customer’s data. Once the customer’s company is setup then the complete fleet of this company is treated separately from any other company. Each vehicle in that fleet is tagged that it belongs to that company the end user can not change that.

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